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Tactical Urbanism - The problem with trials

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m quite a big fan of tactical urbanism and trials. And I am… at least in theory. However, like all things, we need to be trialling the right things in the right places and the trials need to be done well. Otherwise, they can backfire and leave you in a worse position than if you’d done nothing at all.  So, in this week’s blog we’ll be diving into what trials are, why they can a definitely a good thing, why trials go wrong, and what you need to consider if you’re planning to do one. As the vast majority of trials are done by council’s this post focuses mainly on their role but I hope...

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What is Tactical Urbanism?

So, you may have seen that we have a design called “Tactical Urbanist” where the letters are made up of things like bikes, traffic cones and skipping ropes. In this blog post I’ll try to explain a bit about what tactical urbanism is and why it’s an important tool in the armoury for creating safer streets and doing it fast.

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